Thomas Herr, Jr. is a twenty-year-old chalk artist and pianist. Thomas has been drawing with chalk since he was ten years old when he started taking lessons from Elva Hurst, a local artist from Lititz, Pennsylvania. Since that time, Thomas has presented his chalk talks across Pennsylvania and in Virginia and Massachusetts as well. He also shared the gospel through his chalk art on two separate missions trips to Haiti.

When Thomas was around thirteen years old he became very interested in the piano and started taking formal lessons. He began his composing journey with his first piece, “Reminiscence on Alaskan Days.” Thomas has also been able to perform at nursing homes, churches, and formal events. He is now a fill-in pianist at his church which has a congregation of five hundred members. He also teaches piano currently as well.

Thomas enjoys the sights and sounds of his family’s dairy farm and incorporates some of those elements into his chalk presentations. Thomas is the oldest of four children and his family owns and operates a dairy farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania with 150 milk cows and 200 acres of corn, alfalfa, wheat, and soybeans. He started milking cows when he was eight years old and he also helped with other chores such as feeding calves and collecting eggs.

Currently, he helps occasionally by milking cows and doing other seasonal work around the farm. He also works part-time as an administrative assistant at Hostetter & Hostetter CPAs in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. Thomas is also a student at Millersville University of Pennsylvania where he is pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Math Education.

Some of Thomas’s favorite activities include reading non-fiction books, making gourmet desserts, blogging, and taking photos. He enjoys the rural scenery while he is walking his dog, Vesper around the farm.

To see a full list of Thomas’s future goals, visit the “Goals” page. Below are some highlights.
  • publish an autobiography/inspirational book
  • create and compile an album
  • create several professional music and artistic videos for YouTube