The Keep Going Mindset

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who keep going when the going gets tough and those who quit when the going gets tough. Generally, people experience waves of highs and lows which influence how much their intrinsic motivation comes into play as they continue to move forward in their life, but instead of having waves in your life wouldn’t it be nice to keep going all the time? Try adopting this keep going mindset.

Mindsets can be compared to the clothes that you would wear to accomplish a certain task. Let’s say that you are going to a fancy banquet. You would most certainly not wear the same clothes that you would wear to paint your front porch or let’s say that you are going to milk the cows (which many of you probably do not do very often, haha). You would definitely not want to wear any really nice clothes (trust me on this one)! Now, take this same concept and apply it to your brain. You need to make sure that your brain is “dressed properly for the occasion.”

When it comes to your brain, it is a little more difficult than just dressing properly for the occasion. Fortunately, your brain is extremely powerful and can learn quickly! You need to choose to adopt this mindset right now and make sure you can access it when you are faced with a decision to keep going or stay put. Here are some example scenarios in which the keep going mindset is extremely useful.

  1. I’m not ready. I do not want to water down or underestimate the importance of being prepared, but sometimes you just have to move on. You could spend all day preparing for something (I am thinking of a speech or presentation), thinking about every word you are going to say and how you are going to say that every word. Most likely though, you are going to forget about half of what you “memorized” or you are going to realize that what you were going to say is not relevant to your audience and you are going to have to wing it anyway. Many times, in cases like this one, it is best to just write down a few key thoughts on a piece of notebook paper that will jog your memory and just develop your words around those key thoughts. Not only will this keep your presentation more concise, but it will also keep a more natural and conversational tone throughout.
  2. I need to fix a past issue. I struggle with this one a lot. With my personality, I am always musing over stupid stuff I said or did years, months, weeks or days ago. I feel like I have to “solve it” or “fix it” before I can move on, but the reality is that there is nothing I could ever do to change what has already happened. It is a simple fact of life, but there are many others out there (like myself) who worry about things that have already happened in their past – things that they can do nothing about. It is in cases like this that you have to put one foot in front of the other and JUST KEEP GOING. Keep moving forward and tell yourself that you can do it.
  3. I have already lost so much. What’s the point of trying? This is a common situation that can come up and overtake you quickly if you are not careful. Maybe you have decided that it is time to work on your assignments early for your class instead of always waiting until the last minute. So you set up a time to work on the assignment early in the week. Then your friend calls and you end up talking for twenty minutes, and he tells you to check out this cool video on YouTube. It ends up being a 45-minute interruption. At this point, you probably feel very discouraged and are considering just giving up doing your assignment last minute again. STOP. This is exactly the time that you need to implement the keep going mindset. Forgive yourself for procrastinating (as Thomas Frank over at CollegeInfoGeek says), pick up your pencil, open your notebook and KEEP GOING.

The ability to keep going all the time even when you feel unmotivated or discouraged is an important mindset that you can adopt starting today. I would love to hear any thoughts or comments that you have about this topic down in the comments below or even just stop by to say “Hi”