How to Communicate Effectively

Whether you are having a casual discussion or giving a presentation, you must be able to persuade your listeners.

  1. Filler Words. One of my biggest communication struggles is using filler words excessively. (So, like you kind of know what I mean, uhhh right : ) haha. Assuming that you are able to come up with and present great content, one of the biggest damages to your credibility as a communicator is your use of these filler words. By doing a simple search online you can access tons of resources to overcome your excessive use of these words.
  2. Tone. The next aspect that you need to take control of is your tone of voice or pitch. You need to be able to know when and how to use your tone to further the message and meaning of your topic. Sometimes your feelings can get in the way of using your tone effectively. For example, during an interview, you would want to use a confident and relaxed tone, but those nervous feelings inside can get in your way and make you sound high-pitched, monotone, or uncomfortable. Over the next few days watch your tone of voice and make sure that you are sounding happy when you are supposed to be, sounding sympathetic when you are supposed to be, and sounding sad when you are supposed to be ( the list goes on). If you find your tone of voice contradicting the situation you are in, take a deep breath and rephrase or repeat your statement using the correct tone of voice.
  3. Humor. Lastly, use humor to connect with your audience. Everyone loves to be around a funny, cheerful person. Learning how to tell jokes the right way is a skill that anyone can learn with practice. While having fun and telling jokes, be sure that you are not putting someone else down in the process. This is one of those things that is very easy to do, but very difficult to undo. Instead, try to uplift others in the process of joke telling.

What are your ideas on communicating effectively? Let me know in the comments section below : )