1. Listen to self-development audiobooks during my commute to school and work
  2. Become an effective and confident communicator
  3. Write an autobiography and publish in (COMING 2021)
  4. Plan to leave 20 minutes before I actually have to (so that I actually will end up leaving when I actually have to or earlier, haha!)
  5. Watch at least two self-development videos each week

Website Design:

  1. Take an upper-level computer programming course
  2. Develop my own website
  3. Create an iPhone app
  4. Know enough about the following languages to be able to build a modern website: HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, SQL


  1. Write my own composition
  2. Publish sheet music for sale on my website and Sheet Music Plus
  3. Create animated videos using my artwork 
  4. Create a YouTube channel
  5. Post one video each month
  6. Post two videos each month
  7. Create an album with eight songs (COMING 2021)
  8. Learn to sing really well
  9. Learn the violin
  10. Accompany a choir
  11. Piano
    • Learn scales in all twelve key signatures (both hands)
    • Learn to effectively use practice time by not mindlessly practicing over measures I already know
    • Write blog posts about all things music and piano (technique, rhythm, performance, etc.)
    • Teach piano

Chalk Art:

  1. Keep up with the latest techniques and collaborate with other artists
  2. Create two new scenes each year
  3. Post one video each month
  4. Post two videos each month
  5. Present chalk art outside of the United States
  6. Teach chalk art


  1. Read the entire Bible all the way through
  2. Cultivate a deep and connected prayer life with God
  3. Share findings on Instagram and blog posts
  4. Learn to rely on God in the good times and the bad

World and Culture:

  1. Finish learning Spanish and be able to speak fluently.
  2. Visit the following places:
    • Australia
    • Alaska
    • Canada
    • Hawaii
    • France
    • Italy
    • Haiti
    • Spain
    • Serengeti National Park (Africa)
    • Japan
    • China
    • Thailand
    • Brazil
    • Yosemite National Park

Family and Socializing:

  1. Be able to connect well with anyone regardless of the background or values that the person may have
  2. Spend time to listen to others instead of talking about myself

Health and Fitness:

  1. Run a 5k
  2. Run a 10k
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Increase and maintain flexibility, strength, and endurance
  5. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and eat minimal amounts of sweets